“We investigate, discuss, and publish the facts and color relative to the historic, social, political, economic, and religious background of the West; to wherever possible, preserve a record of the cultural background and evolution of the Western region; and to promote all corollary activities thereof.”

IN JUNE ONLY, we will meet at the Hiton Garden Inn at 600 S. Colorado Blvd.  A social hour precedes the dinner and program at 6:20 at

Hilton Garden Inn
600 S. Colorado Blvd
Denver, CO 80209

To join us, please contact our Chuck Wrangler with reservations by 6 pm June  20th. The cost is $32.

Joe Sokolowski
2351 E. Iowa Ave
Denver CO 80210
303-778-8324                                                                                                 jsokolo102@aol.com


Upcoming Programs

  • Wednesday, June 26, 2019 - 5:30pm

    Elizabeth Bonduel Tabor married first for money, then engaged in two scandalous affairs before marrying one of Colorado’s original giant characters, Horace Tabor, to become the Silver Queen of Colorado. Following his death she became a successful businesswoman and mine owner and fought alongside Margaret Tobin “Molly” Brown for women’s rights. 

Social Hour begins at 5:20
Dinner begins at 6:20
Program begins at 7:30pm

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